The operating system for your connected living space

Enabling the future of connectivity in your building.

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A Smart Network

Manage your network in the palm of your hand.

With blazing fast internet and no downtime. Even your upgrades and updates are seamless and hassle free!

A Secure Network.

Putting security first for your home or office.

It's one less thing to worry about.
Protect your home with the most secure internet that utilizes enterprise-grade firewall security and the latest software upgrades.

An Active Network.

Pro-Active support for your network.

No more dealing with call centers - we detect issues and solve them before you can pick up the phone!

Younity delivers proactive support through monitored networks and solutions, including software detection and fault tolerance.

Younity keeps you connected, no matter what.

With dual ISP's and redundant access points, you'll never go dark again.

Your Younity Network.

Smarter enviromental friendly footprint.

Younity uses energy management and intelligent systems to sustainably manage your building while helping with space and energy optimization.

Our footprint is environmentally friendly and sustainable.